Mollecular Organization is based in Helsinki. It studies the functioning of semiocapitalism and develops soft means of cooperation, tools for building the impossible communities of abstract work and its performers. We operate in the soft stomach, “il ventre molle“, of arbitrary power. Or more precisely: we are the soft belly of arbitrary power. Mollecular organization is a group of losers, sad figures, dark souls, cynical opportunists and depressed princesses. We are not tough or macho, we are soft and wet, impotent and feeble. We don’t march or demonstrate. We have difficulties in getting up from the bed. More, we are dependent on aech other to see this softness. We are molle people, the future of cooperation.

Molle people: Heidi Fast, Ana Fradique, Luca Guzzetti, Klaus Harju, Karolina Kucia, Lennart Laberenz, Elina Latva, Tero Nauha, Pekka Piironen, Akseli Virtanen, Kari Yli-Annala


Ueinzz Theatre Company is based in Sao Paulo. It is a scenic territory for those who feel the world falter. As in Kafka, we turn the seasickness on firm land into matter of poetic and political transmutation. We are masters in the art of clairvoyance with notable knowledge in improvisation and neologisms, experts in maritime encyclopedias, frustrated trapeze artists, dream hunters, actresses of interpretation. There are also inventors of the dove-slang and musical incognitos, brewing masters and beings to born. We are a community of those without a community for a community to come.

Ueinzz group are Eduardo Lettiere, Adélia Faustino, Maria Yoshiko Nagahashi, Amélia Monteiro de Melo, Valéria Felippe Manzalli, Alexandre Bernardes Moreira Antunes, John Alfred Laudenberger III, Ana Carmen Martin Del Collado, Erika Alvarez Inforsato, Ana Goldenstein Carvalhaes, Paula Patricia Serra Nabas Francisquetti, Simone Da Silva Mina, Cássio Diniz Santiago, Elisa Band, Fabrício de Lima Pedroni, Leonardo Lui Cavalcanti, Onés Antonio Cervelin, Luís Guilherme Ribeiro Cunha, José Petronio Fantasia, Peter Pál Pelbart.


Presque ruines is based in Paris and born from the debris of an internal collapse that has not actually taken place but that, for the sake of convenience, we assume has already occurred. Whether not yet completely in ruins or no longer we cannot say, though our activities may tend towards form as much as towards formlessness. Our existential territories lie in the cracks between the almost nothing and the not quite something, a terrain vague where we seek to stage a breakdown of precarious life.
The activities of presque ruines focus on the mental and bodily effects and affects of precarization and exhaustion in the context of cognitive capitalism and arbitrary power.

Prsque Ruines are Violeta Coral Salvatierra García de Quirós, Carla Bottiglieri, Thomas Josef Greil, Sílvia Maglioni, Graeme Thomson, Olivier Apprill, Brent Alton Waterhouse

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