Luca Guzzetti Lectures on Art and Politics

“Revolutionary possibility can always be spotted by the impossibility it makes real”


On the relationship between art and politics I / Monday 12.5. 13.15-15.00, Room 5009 (Aalto School of Arts, Hämeentie 135 C, 5th Floor)

On the relationship between art and politics II / Mon 19.5. 9.15-11.00, Room 5022 (Aalto School of Arts, Hämeentie 135 C, 5th Floor)

Prof. Luca Guzzetti (University of Genova) is a well known Italian social theorist, performance artist and a critic of Italian media reality – and a long time collaborator of Mollecular Organization, Future Art Base and Bracha Ettinger – whose participation in the works like Jump. Or Why Did Luca Guzzetti Jump into the Ashtrey? (e.g. ARS06) and Kafkamachine have drilled sharply into the core of our existential territory today.

The lectures will deal with the background and future of his work and the necessity of political innovation extending to organizational modalities of subjectivity.


Preparatory reading:

Resisting death, or, what made Luca Guzzetti  jump into the ashtray? / Leena Aholainen

Art, memory, resistance / Bracha Ettinger & Akseli Virtanen

Kafkamachine / Félix Guattari

Further information:

Tel +358504369005


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