Hospital Symphonies

Hospital Symphonies   At the basis of this artistic research project is the thesis of the changes of sensitivity (ability to sensitize) and sensibility (ability to relate to others) in the conditions of current semiocapitalism, and especially the non-conceptual nature of this process. The experiment is part of fAb:s wider research interest trying to understand the priviledged relation between economy, aesthetics and sensibility from their different perspectives: a form of valueproduction that directly touches human psychoreactivity.   Hospital Symphonies brings forth an artistic perspective: the attuning possibility of vocal voice,... Read The Rest →

Robin Hood

ROBIN HOOD ASSET MANAGEMENT COOPERATIVE A first aid material set for new comers: ROBIN HOOD ECONOMICS, POLITICS AND AESTHETICS The Activist Hedge Fund by Brett Scott Brett Scott, the author of Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance, on why he thinks Robin Hood is so important – and most of all, why Robin Hood is never lame. Is it art? Is it a hoax? Hedging precarity and protecting the commonfare A discussion about the future and history of economy and future and history of politics with economic anthropologists Bill Mauer and... Read The Rest →


O Projecto   |  Phases   |  Groups   |  Journey to Brazil   |  Blog KAFKAMACHINE is calling you for cooperation! It is calling you today only! If you miss this opportunity, there will never be another! Anyone thinking of his or her future, your place is with us! All welcome! Anyone who wants to be an artist, step forward! We are the theatre that has a place for everyone, everyone in his or her place! If you decide to join us, we congratulate you here and now! But... Read The Rest →

Apeiron Fashion

AP Project Germ of the idea Apeiron Bag was developed in April 2011 during the seminar with Brazilian theatre director and philosopher Peter Pal Pelbart in Future Art Base, Aalto University in Helsinki. This seminar inspired to create a fashion line production, which will start with a project of apeiron bags. This series will be working out the conceptual base for idea for the design of “apeironic” (unlimited) objects. Peter Pal Pelbart develops the idea of apeiron (unlimited), which is a concept developed by French philosopher Gilbert Simondon. Apeiron is... Read The Rest →

n-1 Publications

Future Art Base Series ”n-1” is a concept which refers to a necessity to create new organizational ideas. This is exactly the nature of Future Art Base Series published by n-1 publications. It has four important tasks: To give expressive support to our experiments and the different rhythms, idiorythms and a-signifying ruptures they are creating. To work as an organizational tool: we don’t organize to make the series, we make the series to organize. Just as the publications of the series fold as results of cooperation between brains... Read The Rest →

Schizoanalytic practices

Life in Bytom Tero Nauha This project, which takes place in a post-industrial mining town in Silesia, Poland, concludes with a performance, a video-performance, an exhibition and a publication. The project is curated by Stanisław Ruksza from CSW Kronika in Bytom, and the exhibition dates are 24.11.-30.12.2012. I was working over half a year in periods in Bytom, and encountering heterogeneous people and their lives, material differences framing life activities and myself reflecting my own expectations and desires. What is the relationship, or rather what are the conflicts and frictions,... Read The Rest →

Presidential Candidacy

The Romanian Presidential Candidacy is a real, political campaign that started in 2009 and finishes in 2014 when the presidential elections are being held. Also, the candidacy is the third part of the Postspectacle Trilogy which deals with the status of performance and art in the world of generalized spectacle. We want to plunge in the spectacular apparatus and we are ready to use and expose the instruments of perception management. This is a campaign that, in short, focuses on the power of the spectacle and on the spectacle of... Read The Rest →

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