FAB’s research and development work takes place in Future Art Base Experiments.

We think that experimenting is maybe the only method with which we may proceed when confronted with something unknown, something difficult or even impossible to understand, something invisible and strange – like the exhaustion of the possible at our disposal, like an exchange between human minds without verbal communication, or like a question of creating immaterial basic income, some kind of enabling element, but at the level of subjectivity…

The question then becomes, how to travel in this space of experimentation without any visible coordinates and landmarks with which to orient. In such a labyrinth every exit seems to lead to an aporia, a knot, which is impossible to open with known and formal principles.

FAB Experiments are our solution to this problematic. They are a method to find a way when there is no way out, in an open space, in a space without ceiling and boundaries, where one needs to return to nearby the starting point and sense the difference between beginning and end, departure and return. Like a millipede we need to feel our way out of the labyrinth of Minotaur. To create collective innovations by groping, dancing, daring, sometimes collapsing, falling… such is experimentation which moves souls, which is movement of the soul.

Currently we are working on following experiments:


Kafkamachine – A Film by Kafka

Robin Hood Minor Asset Management

Future Art Base Series by n-1 Publications

Aesthetic Dispositive of Semiocapitalism

Apeiron Fashion

Hospital Symphonies

Candidacy for Presidency in Romania

Archive of Experimental Practices

European School of Social Imagination


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