THE BIFO EFFECT 22-23.10.2014


MORPHOSTASIS TO MORPHOGENESIS Franco Berardi’s doctoral thesis defense and its warm-up events!   A Warm-up Seminar: MORPHOGENESIS Wednesday 22.10.2014, 14:00-18:00. Lecture Room 5022 (5th floor), Aalto University, Hämeentie 135, Helsinki. A warm-up seminar about the creation of new social, economic, political forms with Franco Berardi, Sakari Hänninen, Heidi Fast, Akseli Virtanen and the Robin Hood collective.   Doctoral thesis defense: AND – PHENOMENOLOGY OF THE END Thursday 23.10.2014, 12:00, Sampo-sali, Aalto University, Hämeentie 135, Helsinki Franco Berardi’s public defense of his thesis And – Phenomenology of the end. Cognition and sensibility... Read The Rest →

Power at the End of the Economy

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A SEMINAR WITH BRIAN MASSUMI, MAURIZIO LAZZARATO AND PETER PÁL PELBART  A discussion based on the seminar can now be found here! We will have a small n-1 seminar on “Power at the End of the Economy” Wed-Fri 11-13.6.2014 afternoons (13:00-19:00) in Stuttgart at the Robin Hood office (Römerstrasse 2). We hope this will be a nice small seminar among friends. Welcome! We are preparing for a bigger n-1 event in September 2015 at Performing Arts Forum in France where all the n-1 authors will gather to share their thought with all interested.... Read The Rest →

Luca Guzzetti Lectures on Art and Politics

“Revolutionary possibility can always be spotted by the impossibility it makes real” On the relationship between art and politics I / Monday 12.5. 13.15-15.00, Room 5009 (Aalto School of Arts, Hämeentie 135 C, 5th Floor) On the relationship between art and politics II / Mon 19.5. 9.15-11.00, Room 5022 (Aalto School of Arts, Hämeentie 135 C, 5th Floor) Prof. Luca Guzzetti (University of Genova) is a well known Italian social theorist, performance artist and a critic of Italian media reality – and a long time collaborator of Mollecular Organization, Future Art Base and... Read The Rest →


Aesthetic Organization of Semiocapitalism and its Political Consequences A Seminar with Franco Berardi The seminar is based on the long time research on the ongoing social and political mutation by Franco Berardi and his forthcoming book AND – PHENOMENOLOGY OF THE END where he draws some provoking conclusions of his thinking: we are approaching the end. But the end of what? The seminar traces the aesthetic functioning of semiocapitalism, that is, the processes and techniques of organizing sensibility and embedding cognitive and emotional automatism at the deep level of perception,... Read The Rest →

Ethics and Politics of Financial Economy – a Robin Hood Workshop


Easy money!?  Want to get money without work!?  No strings attached! Join the Robin Hood gang, mutate into parasites of financial economy and gain access to money without a necessity to work. This is no joke! We shall walk you to our camp in the Sherwood forest, follow the money routes of financial economy, log into the brains of the elite at Wall Street, appropriate their most important knowledge and put it to work, for us. We shall follow 7 scenarios which are also the basis for the script of... Read The Rest →

Creation of New Social Forms – The Rise and Entanglement of General Intellect, with Franco Berardi (Bifo)

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    After the earlier two workshops in the series our starting point is in the topography of the closed reality of European crises: the entrance of the bare reality of life’s precariousness back in the social experience, the acceleration of the Infosphere and the dismantling of social welfare, the exhaustion of possible at our disposal, social life becoming-swarm, and the consequent morphostasis, loss of our singular ways of becoming.   The workshop tries to elaborate further on the breakdown of the affective relation in language, the outsourcing and automation of memory,... Read The Rest →

Seminar with Peter Pal Pelbart


A workshop with Peter Pál Pelbart, April 18 to 21, 2011. We should imagine a cartography of exhaustion. Exhaustion of the possible. Perhaps it should be a kind of molecular symptomatology, like the one of nihilism that Nietzsche once did do well. Perhaps we should think about exhaustion according to the Beckettian categories, like Deleuze, to allow us to understand states of suspension, bankruptcy and collapse, individual and collective, of becoming almost remnant, in terms of vital strategy or of even political resistance.

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