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Germ of the idea Apeiron Bag was developed in April 2011 during the seminar with Brazilian theatre director and philosopher Peter Pal Pelbart in Future Art Base, Aalto University in Helsinki. This seminar inspired to create a fashion line production, which will start with a project of apeiron bags. This series will be working out the conceptual base for idea for the design of “apeironic” (unlimited) objects.

Peter Pal Pelbart develops the idea of apeiron (unlimited), which is a concept developed by French philosopher Gilbert Simondon. Apeiron is accumulator of possible, field of potentiality, a reservoir of possible. It permits renewal of contour, configuration and form of individuality. It is like a placenta that every individual carry and from where process of individuation, demarking, formatting takes place. In itself is not individual, it belongs to pre-individual field.

apeiron concerns of:

  • Being;
  • Becoming;
  • Production;
  • Preproduction and autoproduction;
  • Possible;
  • Transindividuality;

Apeiron Fashion Line is an experiment on social design, what does it mean to open the field of possible with an object. At the moment we are working with two products:

Placenta Bag

– Parasitical furniture: what is an every day object in precarious workers’ life? iPhone, iPad? How do you reterritorialize yourself from the immaterial production into the place you inhabit, like office or home? What is the furniture of a precarious person? It is a paradox: what is the furniture of nomad? And what can this middle class, bourgeois and privileged precariat afford? De-growth style home, whatever home, designed home?

The idea of the parasitical furniture idea is to twist this concept of object and subject. Design non-autonomous objects that gives a little bit of uneasiness and necessity of interdependency of objects and subjects operating in space. It is a little twisted idea of holism. An example: what can you do with a table that have only two legs? Could you perhaps lean it in the table of your neighbour. What are the necessary implications of that act? How that kind of object effects necessity of productivity-creativity, social relationship, leasure? Maybe it is a trap.

Apeiron Fashion

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