Hospital Symphonies


At the basis of this artistic research project is the thesis of the changes of sensitivity (ability to sensitize) and sensibility (ability to relate to others) in the conditions of current semiocapitalism, and especially the non-conceptual nature of this process. The experiment is part of fAb:s wider research interest trying to understand the priviledged relation between economy, aesthetics and sensibility from their different perspectives: a form of valueproduction that directly touches human psychoreactivity.


Hospital Symphonies brings forth an artistic perspective: the attuning possibility of vocal voice, with the help of which the route to the level of sensibility, it´s modulated perception and embodied knowledge, might open in a “sensible” and profound level. The central hypothesis is that the process of attunement enters directly into the relation with the world and to the question of the possibility of it´s positive change: vocal-bodily experiences may open routes to the radical transformation of sensibility. The starting point for the experiment is that it is necessary for artistic practice to connect with and try to understand these problems while distinguishing at the same time from therapy. The question is difficult for traditional science because the non-conceptual nature of experience is difficult to grasp and a conceptual conflict between exterior-interior, body-mind etc. is easily drawn. Artistic research enables for exploring and developing new tools to deal with this a-signifying level process in practice sensually, affectively and embodied.


The main aim of the project is to develop an artistic method based on the attuning possibility of voice resulting in Hospital Symphonies –artistic production in co-operation with HYKS Psychiatric Centrum, Helsinki. Experiment consist of co-poietic artistic workshop-process with the participants (outpatients suffering from somatoformic and eating disorders) (2014) and three main artworks of the research-experiment (carried out in 2013, 2014 and 2016). Hospital Symphonies results in artistic thesis in 2016.


How could we call forth new kinds of sensitivities and sensibilities from behind the inhibited or overloaded psychoreactivity with the help of artworking? What is the fascinative force of vocal voice; how does it operate? What can the (co)attuning capacity of voice (operating within the body-mind consistency and non-individual level) do? How can it affect the position of being human more generally?


Heidi Fast


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The project is produced by Kone Foundation, HYKS Psychiatry Centre and Aalto University School of ARTS in Helsinki

Hospital Symphonies

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