The Romanian Presidential Candidacy

is a real, political campaign that started in 2009 and finishes in 2014 when the presidential elections are being held. Also, the candidacy is the third part of the Postspectacle Trilogy which deals with the status of performance and art in the world of generalized spectacle. We want to plunge in the spectacular apparatus and we are ready to use and expose the instruments of perception management.

This is a campaign that, in short, focuses on the power of the spectacle and on the spectacle of power. We don’t enter in the political life because we have a solution. We enter there more to raise the avoided questions and to deconstruct the official answers, to make space, to create openings, possibilities. To win the elections is not enough, it is almost irrelevant.

The presidential candidacy is an international endeavor because in the economic web it is hard to locate power and it seems useless to candidate (or to protest) only in your own country. Since always politicians and candidates have been concerned with hope, delivering hopes to population like ideological machines. In the “2012” movie, amid the elite that saved itself on that ark, miraculously there was also one ordinary family, showing that even in the midst of a catastrophic end there is still optimism if you prove competitive enough.

We want kill that unrealistic hope. It is time to forget infinite growth, give up hope and disengage with competition and economic logic as the only social relation, to see what is happening when the collective energy of hopelessness, depression, mixed with lucid fear and apocalyptic awareness, accumulates.

We propose to all of you to run for president with the embodied “no hope” platform.

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Presidential Candidacy

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