Irony Cynicism and The Lunacy of The Italian Media Power


Contemporary mass cynicism can be linked with two different roots: one is the failure of the utopian ideologies of the past century. The second, more powerful, is the perception of irreversibility and incontrovertibility of the exploitation of labor, competition, and war. Contemporary mass cynicism is a consequence of the dissolution of social solidarity. Neoliberal deregulation, particularly globalization and precarization of the labor market, have imposed competition as the general inescapable mode of relationship among social actors. Workers, once upon a time united by a link of social solidarity and common political hope, are now obliged to think in cynical terms: survival of the fittest.

Poetry and financial automation of language


Proliferation of a new refrain that is fractalized and constantly accelerating. Poetry is the break in this succession and concatenation, the research and re-emergence of singular language and rhythm. Poetry implies a reactivation of the relation between sensibility and time. Sensibility is the ability to singularize linguistic comprehension.

Aesthetic sensibility and Genealogy of the Economic Reason

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Infosphere and Economy have grown more and more intersected since the Semio-production (production of semiotic artifacts for the market) has become crucial in the capitalist cycle of accumulation. The creation and development of the Internet has revolutionized the labor process worldwide, globalizing the circulation of goods and of labor. By this point of view we can speak of the creation of a Info-Econosphere, as unified field of research for the social sciences.

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