Bracha L. Ettinger master class

The Halo of the String. A Masterclass with Bracha Ettinger

Organized by Mollecular Organization, Academy of Fine Arts, Therapeia Foundation and Future Art Base

26-28.4. Academy of Fine Arts, 29.4. 2010. Therapeia Foundation

Each one senses when s/he is given, not only receiving, because we do sense the inside of one another, we know a giving in the other as we know it in ourselves, and we sense this occurence as beauty. You can´t do any tricks here. This is art.

– Bracha Ettinger

What we should think about today is how a subject, constantly ensuring and strengthening herself, should instead let free a little bit of herself and think about the place of resistance again as a place of her own “self-fragilization”, or even “self-resistance”. As we breath through our exhausted cells, within our paranoid flesh… maybe instead of keep on looking for the one to blame, the greedy bankers… we should put into the question rather the resuscitation of the relation of the subject with it´s own outside – that is the question and horizon where the new aesthetical paradigm opens. In introducing compassion and awe to the poietic field of arts we want to call forth such ways of criticality that would create affective, non-paranoiac knowledge, beyound anxiety and reasoning, that that would give us wings of jointness with which to fly.

This sensing of this giving with-in art, this form of musicality, of attunement; how does it link with the ethical? How would it be to meet the other from inside to inside beyound relations, like the transconnectedness of birds or butterflies? What is it that gives us life? What is it to work for life? What is art? What is art in life? Where is this place of resistance really that should be repositioned today? What is the difference between self-relinguishement and surrending out of frailty? What is it to become ready for coemergence in self-fragilization and trust? How do we keep on trusting in the conditions of distrust or contempt? How do we keep trusting, keep wondering, keep being amazed, return to trusting, return to respecting, containing anxieties, allowing room for surprises? How can we get over the tendency for reactive criticality in us, which is senseless and arrive at resisting critique? Is it anxiety that makes me open myself to the Other and Cosmos as an artist, or is it just mainly anxiety? Or is it at the same time anxiety, compassion and awe towards life? What is freedom today?

Bracha L. Ettinger is a contemporary artist based in Paris and Tel Aviv. She is a painter, but also one of the well known intellectuals associated with contemporary French feminist and psychoanalytical thought. Ettinger is also activist against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories in the frame of Physicians for Human Right – Israel. She is Professor of Psychoanalysis and Art at the Media & Communications Division, EGS, Saas Fee and a collaborator of Mollecular organization. Her current exhibition takes place at the Museum of Fine Arts (Beaux-arts) in Angers, France (in March-June 2011) and at the Pompidou Centre in Paris (2010-2011). Her recent Solo exhibitions took place at the Tapies Foundation, Barcelona, in 13th May 2010 and at the Freud Dream Museum, St Petersburg, in September 2010 and in the summer of 2009 at the Freud Museum (in June-July) in London, and at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki (in August). Her paintings, photos, drawings and notebooks have been exhibited extensively in major museums of contemporary art.

Ettinger is also an author of several books and more than eighty psychoanalytical essays on what she has named “matrix” and “matrixial trans-subjectivity” in the mid 1980s. In her works, artistic, theoretical and psychoanalytical, she repeatedly asks the same question of what does it mean to borderlink with someone? What is able to shift from one mind to another, or from an artwork to the viewer, and how? What does it mean to link with the trauma of somebody else? How can the trauma of another become ones own and why is this mechanism so urgent today for artworking, for therapy and for politics? Her book Yhdessätuotanto (Copoiesis) was published 2009 by Tutkijaliitto, Polemos-series.

Art as Compassion – The Halo of the String. A Masterclass with Bracha Ettinger.

The masterclass will be composed of three lectures and a related ongoing
 workshop. The lectures deal with “the halo of the
 string” and 
the workshop will treat the ideas of uncanny compassion, uncanny awe,
 resistance, implicated criticability, beauty and sublimity in the age 
of co-emergence.

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