A seminar-encounter event with Bracha Ettinger

Kafkamachine – a film by Kafka

Sun 20.5.12, mon 21.5.12 and tue 22.5.12. 12.00-16.00

Future Art Base
Aalto Arts House
Lämpömiehenkuja 3
Otaniemi, Espoo


A participatory workshop, atelje, with Bracha Ettinger inside the project of Kafkamachine – a film by Kafka

(in co-operation with Mollecular Organization/Future Art Base, Finland, Ueinzz Theatre Company, Brazil and Presque Ruins, France).

We will work with Bracha´s concepts of co-poiesis, the impossibility of not to love, wit(h)nessing, and her passionate engagement with idea of the proto-ethical potentiality of artak. We will work-through what could this mean in the level of the cinematographic stucture, the machine of editing, of rythm, colours, and also on the level of social organization and co-operation.

The seminar-encounter-event is a occasion for metramorphosis and copoiesis for all the participants.

contact: heidi.fast@aalto.fi, +358 44 7428297

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