Ethics and Politics of Financial Economy – a Robin Hood Workshop


Easy money!?  Want to get money without work!?  No strings attached!

Join the Robin Hood gang, mutate into parasites of financial economy and gain access to money without a necessity to work. This is no joke! We shall walk you to our camp in the Sherwood forest, follow the money routes of financial economy, log into the brains of the elite at Wall Street, appropriate their most important knowledge and put it to work, for us.

We shall follow 7 scenarios which are also the basis for the script of the animation projected in the installation:

1. There’s no outside – the Fold, Minor, Monster, Poetics

2. The Big Banks and the derivatives market – Profanation of financial economy

3. The Golden Circle – how its social contract is broken, changes in production of value, juridical precarity and employment relations

4. Debt – how debt works as a form of control, exhausting our future

5. Organization of Potentiality – Affects, nerves and the immaterial into production. Precarious States of Mind

6. Change of Sovereignty, end of political autonomy – Corporativism, corruption, Southern Europe

7. The Paranoid Snake – Be an idiot, Seek independence


Workshop programme:

Monday, 19 Aug, 5-8 PM – Introduction and Scenario 1

Tuesday, 20 Aug, 2-8 PM – Scenarios 2-4

Wednesday, 21 Aug, 2-9 PM – Scenarios 5-7 followed by Conclusion. Welcome to participate in any or many of the sessions. Installation:

Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 Aug, 9-11 PM


Robin Hood team: Ana Fradique, Akseli Virtanen, Julio Lucio, Maria Candia, and guests.


Co-produced by Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Cooperative and m-cult. In collaboration with: Made in Kallio and V96 residency.

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