Future Art Base is an  autonomous platform for artistic research and social innovation initiated at Aalto University in 2010.  At Future Art Base science, technology, biosciences and economy meet art now in two branches: economical arts and biological arts.

Future Art Base researches and develops the bases for future art. The art of reopening the field of possible.

Production and development of the tools and raw materials needed in the building of the bases of future art – the ideas, concepts, words, affects, methods, inventions, approaches, networks, relations… – takes place in FAB Experiments.

FAB Experiments are like immaterial factories, production lines, which are responsible for creating new combinations or monsters of economy, art, politics, technology, biology, life, therapy, finance and poetry.

Each FAB Experiment has functions of research and artistic work, product development, developing various forms of expression, residencies, teaching and education, organization, production.

FAB Experiments are a method to bring and hold together many essential but heterogeneous elements. FAB Experimentations create new combination, paradoxes, monsters that don’t fit the normal flow of life and things: art&economy&politics, art&therapy&technology, art&life&mental ecology… We may think these combinations also as an expression of the general dissolution of the boundaries between for example art and economy and politics: they express themselves the changed situation as their subject matter which the existing ways of thinking about economy, art and politics cannot grasp. To understand our experience in a situation where our abilities to create meanings, to understand, to relate to the presence of others have become immediate factors of economic production and areas of political struggle, also we need new kind of movement, new kind approaches, new kind of cooperation.

Are our experiments about creative economy, organizational innovation, political activism or works of art? It is precisely from this boundlessness and indeterminacy, or call it monstrousness, which always characterizes the birth of something new, that the energy of these experiments arises.




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